What are the benefits of an online running club?

I’m not going to lie, I am absolutely sick to death about writing about this stupid pandemic. As a matter of fact, after it’s over, I hope I never see the word “pandemic” again, and I hope I never see another mask again. Is not to say that those masks aren’t important right now, but I don’t envy medical professionals that will have to wear them long after this garbage is over with.

Unfortunately, the pandemic isn’t over yet, and as such, we are still having to come up with creative ways to leverage the global communication system that is the Internet and order to go about our daily lives. Just as we have offset our business, communications, commerce, school and socialization onto the Internet of late, we must also try to uses much as we can to maintain our team dynamics in various sports where current conditions just don’t permit traditional physical get-togethers.

This is where online running club concepts come in handy, all you really need is a decent running club app and some basic technology that most athletes already have. But, before I get into what you need, let me explain how it works, and why it’s probably a better way to do things even after the pandemic.

How it works…

Basically, it doesn’t work that much differently from normal running coaching, you just don’t have to be physically present, nor do your athletes. Everyone will run on their own, and their statistics will be transmitted back to the running club app, and their stats and performance will be compared, even allowing virtual races to be organized, maintaining that competitive yet friendly team dynamic which you value.

You just need some basic technology, which, as I said, I will get to shortly.

What are the benefits?

Well, this may be an excuse for a lot more people to get into running, those that aren’t particularly social, like me! On top of that, it allows for people to be free of having to schedule themselves to be together at the same time, and everyone can also choose their favorite place to run, as long as everyone can run the same distances.

On top of this, people across the globe can join clubs together, since physical location no longer matters. Any time when physical location can be removed from the equation is a better time, 100% of the time.

What do you need?

Everyone just needs to have a basic smart phone with a decent data plan, a smart watch that can do basic biometrics and Bluetooth, and a version of that running club app. Make sure that you choose a running club app that can run on all phone platforms, because you will never convince people to switch from the platform they are used to, trust me.

You just may find that this is the best way to do things even after the pandemic, and minimizing get-togethers is just going to make a lot of people happier, as increasingly few people are that social outside of professional requirements.

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